“Finnish Remake”

“The memory lives in me vividly when I was waiting for my parents to return from their trip to Finland in 1984. They left for 3 weeks, but it seemed like eternity. 27 years later – with the help of a scholarship – I also travelled to Finland for 3 weeks, but despite the sad memories I also left my 4-year old daughter at home (who was only 2 years younger than me back then). I wanted to reconstruct my parents’ journey, go through their experiences and literally step into their shoes. Based on the old, faded pictures, I followed their footsteps and tried to take the same photos they did. As I was standing there where they were standing 27 years ago, I was wondering what they could have been thinking at that moment, how they could have been feeling and whether they thought of me there and then. I am curious whether my daughter will reflect further upon the family series from the perspective of more than 50 years by the time she grows up.
Hermann Ildi